Our programming is in partnership with our friends with the Keala Foundation in Lawai, HI. The Keala Foundation has a mission to “build healthy communities that support the youth of Hawaii.” Our desire is the same, to serve the youth in the Flathead Valley, through fitness and nutrition. We do this in a couple of ways:

  1. Fitness– We use fitness to create an environment where kids, teens and adults can do hard things, together in a group setting. The workouts we run are not easy, but doable. Something amazing happens when we do things with out body that our minds tell us are impossible. It builds character, discipline and confidence in all of us. Our workouts are programmed by our friends with the Keala Foundation and are modified for kids and teens.
  2. Nutrition– We regularly talk to our athletes about nutrition. We talk about what is good to eat, what is bad to eat, and when its good to eat. Nutrition plays a huge part in our health, energy and fitness. Eating the wrong things too often can create laziness, apathy and bad habits. We want out athletes to have fun, and enjoy their food, but we want to create good and healthy eating habits, as do the moms and dads who bring their kids.
  3. Mindset– We want to create a good mindset in our athletes. We want them thinking not just about food and fitness, but about life choices, making good decisions, and disciplines. We intentionally talk about words like:
    1. Change
    2. Discernment
    3. Wisdom
    4. Intention

For more information you can contact us here, or sign up for classes here.