Steps of Justice CrossFit provides a safe space for kids and teens in the Valley to get and stay healthy. There are so many things that our kids will have to navigate throughout their lives, some good and some bad. Steps of Justice CrossFit aims to get ahead of some of those things our kids will face, specifically the harsh realities of depression, alcohol and drug abuse and destructive relationships. We do this through providing 45 min long classes, eight times a week, with healthy coaching and fitness.

Steps of Justice CrossFit runs under, the non profit organization Steps of Justice. Currently we serve 70 kids and teens, many of whom attend the program twice a week. We teach discipline, character, hard work, focus and a dependency on Jesus for our strength and safety. Our coaches are all followers of Jesus, who have a strong desire to love and care for kids and teens.

We are looking to get kids and teens sponsored to attend the program. Currently we run on a donation bases, to lower the bar of entry for our families. Approximately half of the families make a donation once a month, which leaves 37 kids who’s parents are not in a position to give towards the program. The cost of running the program is $35 per kid, per month. This is a great price as a normal CrossFit gyms membership, which offers the same programming as we do, costs on average $150 a month per person, crazy we know.

The money that comes in goes towards paying rent at the facility we use, covering equipment cost, community activities, and coaches. We are creating this page to invite you to help by sponsoring a child (6-12 years old) or a teen (13-18) to go through the program. If you are interested, you can click on the form below. All gifts are tax deductible, through the 501-c3, Steps of Justice.

Thank you so much in advance.

Phil Cunningham and team.

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