This June we will host our second annual CrossFit kids and teens camp. We are so excited to work with your kids, teaching them new skills and cheering then on in workouts. The camp will teach the following elements:

  • Weightlifting (barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell)
  • Gymnastics (push ups/pull ups/hand stands/jump rope)
  • Cardio (running/biking/rowing)

Each day, we will gather with your kids for two hours, running through skill building activities, doing workouts, teaching mindset, talking about nutrition, diet and eating tasty, healthy snacks. The week will culminate with a competition, where kids will get to show their family and friends all they have learned. We would love to have you join us, the details are below.

Who: Steps of Justice CrossFit and your kids and teens

What: A camp that teaches skills, hard work, and reward

When: June 14-18 (11am- 1pm for kids and 1:45pm- 3:45pm for teens). We will host a competition on Saturday June 18.

Where: Iron Hawk CrossFit gym in Evergreen.

Why: Because we see the benefit of hard work in kids and teens. Our theme, “I can do hard things” shows us that we can do more than we think or feel. We get excited about our CrossFit kids overcoming challenges and obstacles.

Cost: Cost is $100 for one child and $75 for each additional child, which includes coaching, snacks, equipment and facility. Scholarships are available for you, especially if you are bringing more than one child. Please email or call 206-550-2594 to request.

How to register: You can register by filling out the form below. A $25 deposit is due May 15 and can be paid below


Registration for kids camp is closed. We will let you know if we open up more spots or more dates. Teen camp is still open. 

Camp Deposit

Camp Deposit


CrossFit kids/teens camp.

Registration form for the CrossFit kids and teens camp June 13-18, 2022.
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