We live in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Western Montana. It is our desire to  serve our community by making fitness affordable and available. We love seeing kids and adults struggle to reach a goal and light up with joy and satisfaction when they do. We see the beauty in families pursuing fitness together.

Currently we are running adult, kids and youth CrossFit classes in Kalispell, MT. We meet Monday through Friday, running workouts and teaching nutrition, mindset and how to do hard things, which is our motto. These workouts are fun, challenging, community focussed and cost effective.

We have decided, as a non profit, to run our kids and teen classes by donation. If you want to join, just come, and if you can, please consider a tax deductible donation to Steps of Justice to help with the cost of running the program, including paying coaches, running community events, etc. Adult classes are $125 per month, see our hours and locations page for details.

If you have questions, or would like to sign up for the program in Kalispell contact us here.

Steps of Justice is a non profit, who’s mission is to serve local and international communities. If you would like hear more check out Steps of Justice.

To donate to the work we are doing you can do that over on our donate page.

Micah 6:8 Do Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with God. The way we do this is simple, open our eyes to see the poor and vulnerable and respond.

Vision– Our vision is to love and serve the poor, the vulnerable and the stranger. One way we have started to do this, is through our fitness program.

Phil Cunningham is founder and coach with SOJCF. Phil worked at City Heights Prep School  in San Diego from 2016-2020 as a coach, teaching assistant, and mentor. He is also the co-founder of Steps of Justice, the non-profit our fitness program falls under. In 2018, in partnership with CHP,  we created a fitness program working with refugees, immigrants, low income communities, teachers and students. All our coaches are Level 1 trainers with CrossFit, and have years of experience working with kids and teens.

In April of 2020, Phil and his family moved to Kalispell, MT. Steps of Justice, in partnership with good friends and coaches now runs fitness classes 4 days a week, serving the Valley. Fitness teaches confidence, integrity and discipline. Our desire is to serve adults, families and low-income communities by providing an affordable fitness programs. The workouts SOJCF runs are individual and family focused. These workouts create a contagious culture of health and fitness in the community.